Results-driven marketing

MarketingIt’s not enough these days to simply push out information to your members or customers. You need a comprehensive marketing plan that integrates communications and marketing.

JMC can work with you to raise your brand awareness and target key audiences to make sure your organization is top-of-mind in the eyes of your stakeholders.

E-mail, social media and other forms of Internet marketing have become one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving results. According to Comscore, 70 percent of consumers say that the Internet is now their primary source for local business information. While traditional marketing tools such as postcards, print and radio advertising, and billboards still work, JMC can help you analyze which channels will achieve the best results for your organization.

Marketing 2JMC also believes that sound market research is the foundation for a successful sales and marketing campaign. JMC will work with your team to establish benchmarks that make sense for your organization. We will then help you segment and target your market, develop key marketing messages and, finally, measure how well these messages resonate with your audiences.

Among the tools we can help you develop are:

• e-mail marketing and newsletters;
• micro websites and blogs;
• direct mail and postcards; and
• video messages on YouTube.