Editorial & web expertise

Internet TouchWebsites, newsletters, blogs, magazines, social media—JMC can provide you with the tools you need to fully realize your organization’s marketing and public relations goals.

Not only can we produce your publications, help build your website or create a personalized blog, we can assess all of your marketing and communications needs.

JMC has extensive experience writing, editing and publishing newsletters, magazines and web content. JMC President Jay Morris was instrumental in creating and expanding a major financial services industry e-news service, a highly regarded Washington newsletter, a four-color magazine and an association website.

Morris also led the team at the National Association of Federal Credit Unions that pioneered use of social media through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Typing on laptopEqually adept at writing marketing copy or crossing verbal swords in an op-ed, JMC can tackle the smallest to largest projects.

JMC can handle speech-writing, marketing and advertising copywriting, blog writing and web development, issue papers and op-eds. In addition, JMC can assist you with larger publishing projects such as magazines, newsletters and e-publications.

Morris and the teams he has led have won a number of writing, publishing and design awards. So put an award-winning firm to work for you on your next editorial or web project.