JMC branding article on the cover of TFCU

The Magic of Great BrandingCredit unions are learning a thing or two from great brands like Starbucks, Zappos and Southwest, according to “The Magic of Great Branding,” an article by Jay Morris that appears on the cover of the latest issue of The Federal Credit Union magazine.

While credit unions may be small financial institutions with limited marketing budgets, the branding experts and credit union executives Morris interviewed said that brand identity is the number one differentiator in a crowded and increasingly commoditized marketplace. [Read more…]

Wayward Journey blog earns 2 awards

The Wayward Journey, a blog about change and leadership by JMC President Jay Morris, has received two blogging awards: the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award.

In both instances, Morris was nominated by David Kanigan, author of the popular Lead.Learn.Live. blog.

Morris’ post on the lessons of mission work drew a nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. A subsequent piece on two emerging leaders in Mozambique was the genesis for the Sunshine Award. [Read more…]

Morris launches Wayward Journey blog

Jay Morris launched a new blog today entitled The Wayward Journey that explores life and career changes, entrepreneurism and work-life balance issues.

Morris noted that more and more Baby Boomers are starting to question the sacrifices they have made for career success. While certainly not ready (nor financially prepared in many cases) for retirement, Boomers are exploring new and different ways of combining careers with the causes they believe in or the activities they enjoy doing. [Read more…]