JMC branding article on the cover of TFCU

The Magic of Great BrandingCredit unions are learning a thing or two from great brands like Starbucks, Zappos and Southwest, according to “The Magic of Great Branding,” an article by Jay Morris that appears on the cover of the latest issue of The Federal Credit Union magazine.

While credit unions may be small financial institutions with limited marketing budgets, the branding experts and credit union executives Morris interviewed said that brand identity is the number one differentiator in a crowded and increasingly commoditized marketplace. [Read more…]

Morris elected a vice president of PRSA-NCC

JMC President Jay Morris was elected vice president of the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. PRSA-NCC is the nation’s largest PRSA chapter, with over 1,400 members.

Morris will be one of three vice presidents serving a one-year term starting Jan. 1, 2014. He is completing a two-year term as a director on the PRSA-NCC Board. Prior to that, he was co-chair of the chapter’s Professional Development Committee.

More information about the election results and a list of next year’s officers can be found on the PRSA-NCC website.

JMC reports on future of newspapers

If you spent some time reading a newspaper in the last 24 hours, you are in the minority. According to the Pew Research Center, just 23 percent of Americans surveyed said they read a newspaper the previous day. More than half of Americans say they get their news online.

These trends and the future of America’s newspapers were the topic of a recent post by Jay Morris on the PRSA-NCC Blog.

Among some of the more sobering statistics Morris cites:

  • Print advertising revenue continues to fall.
  • For every $1 gained in digital advertising, newspapers lose $16 in print advertising. [Read more…]