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JMC explains smart cards in TFCU article

EMV thumbnailAmericans may soon be carrying “smart” or EMV cards in their wallets, according to “Get Smart: 7 things you need to know about EMV,” an article by Jay Morris that appears in the latest issue of The Federal Credit Union magazine. The new credit cards have a computer chip embedded in them that takes the place of the magnetic stripe that has been in use for decades.

The EMV chip (named for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the three big card networks that are pushing for adoption of the new standard) brings with it the added benefits of greater fraud protection, including the use of cryptography. [Read more…]

Brand relevance and the PRSA-NCC Blog

Jay Morris recently posted on the PRSA-NCC Blog about D.C. marketing expert Bob London‘s presentation to the Independent Public Relations Alliance on brand relevance and finding your sweet spot.

Morris, who serves on the board of IPRA, invited London to speak to independent PR practitioners about how to better brand and market themselves. [Read more…]

Check out our post on Fletcher Prince

Jay Morris recently made a “guest appearance” on the popular Fletcher Prince Blog. Writing about overcoming adversity and seizing opportunity in public relations and marketing, Morris gave “lessons learned” from his experience as a practitioner and manager when faced with cutbacks and downsizing.

The tips he gave included:

  • Let go of what isn’t working or no longer worth doing.
  • Leverage the resources you have.
  • Use setbacks to learn, grow and change.
  • Believe in yourself, your abilities and your team. [Read more…]